Digital marketing internship work from home

Do you want to grow your carrier in digital marketing and want to minimize your years of work into weeks then you can continue reading? If you are someone who is in the digital marketing space whether you are running your youtube channel, blog, or an influencer in social media.

I have got some good news for you and even for those who are just starting out on this journey you are most welcome my friend.

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Benefits of SEO

Digital marketing internship work from home

Most of you are aware of the fact that digital marketing is an ocean and in this ocean, there are small rivers in the form of blogging, SEO, SMO, email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.

You can’t be a master of all these modules but you can surely master any one of the above modules and stand out from the crowd.

But how can you even think of growing when you face lots of struggle on your path, although there will be some small stones to big rocks in your path to climb.

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How can you remove those obstacles from your path?

Listen I have been in your space and I can feel your pain. A couple of years back when I decided to make m,y carrier in digital marketing after completing my post-graduation in MBA.

I can easily recall the time when I went to Mumbai in search of a job in august 2016 with my uncle (who is a bank manager in the bank of Baroda in Mumbai).

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Let me be frank with you after struggling coup[le of months in Mumbai to get a job, I came across a booming carrier opportunity in digital marketing

My interest grew when I began reading and surfing the internet about digital marketing and imagine my life what it will be if I master this art and make a carrier in it.

Although I was making a big decision in my life at the age of 30 to unlearn everything that I learned in my schools and college that didn’t produce any favorable result for me and start learning digital marketing all together with a new thing for me.

Anyways I enroll in an institute in Matunga in Mumbai and the price was 60,000 for six months of course. It was one of the best institutes in Mumbai as I was being choosy in selecting the institute to learn DM.

Lead generation in digital marketing

Digital marketing institute is not good to grow

Despite choosing the best institute it didn’t get me placed as a digital marketer. After completing the course, I got the idea and the knowledge was only 20 percent for me.

I began wondering what should I do next soon I started my first blog in the health and fitness niche in the form of

Here I made a mistake and being a new bee in DM I made a huge mistake in choosing the broader niche and began writing about everything related to health and fitness.

Online Reputation Management

Grow your brand by choosing the right domains

Until then I haven’t come across the importance of keyword research. I invested some money in buying domains like, dahiyafilms,, visionblogging this is some of the branded domains along with my personal branded domain shahzadarsi.

Long story short when I learned many things in digital marketing like SEO, SMO email marketing, affiliate marketing I was completely overwhelmed since I am the sole person responsible for handling my blog.

Copywriting is something I missed out and to be frank, I am not good at copywriting and I didn’t have the budget to outsource the task to the freelancers, although I outsourced some work but looking at the investment I was worried whether I will be able to make money off my blog or not.

Then the magic happened and as it is said if you continue to do something for a longer period then God comes to the rescue and takes all your pain.

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Digital marketing task can overwhelm you

One more interesting thing about me is I bought several courses of blogging, SEO, SMO, email marketing, affiliate marketing and if you look at my udemy account insight you will say God this guy is crazy.

I bought more than 50 courses in udemy that’s the reason I was overwhelmed with the task at hand.

Although I bought the 100-day blogging course from Deepak Kanakraju I hardly finished the course, had I taken full control of myself my life would be different altogether and I was able to save my time and energy.

I completed only 40% of the course then how can I expect a 100% result. One fine day I got an email notification and suddenly my eyes lit up seeing what was inside.


What everyone needs to know about blogging

Student internship

The email was from Deepak Kanakraju where he is planning to do a first-ever digital marketing internship program.

After registering for the webinar and the value he was proving I couldn’t resist than to join the int6ernship program. Back in my mind, I was already convinced I can’t move on in my journey as a digital marketer like this, and I have to join some top digital marketer or a company as an intern.

I got the opportunity to join the internship and I think I am the lucky one to get the internship under Deepak.

Although I am in the mid of my internship program which began in the first week of December the value which I am getting here is 100 times better.

I would have easily invested another 20,000 to 40,000 somewhere else as an intern, working for some company without being paid.

But the story is different altogether here, here you will not only learn the huge insight into digital marketing but follow along with what Deepak does as a digital marketer.

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Internship program under Deepak Kanakraju

You will get weekly assignments on different aspects of digital marketing like Anatomy of marketing and its importance in digital/online marketing, Customer avatar, copywriting, personal branding, zappier automation, and much much more to follow.

If you are someone who is new in digital marketing you can join because you will follow the right path and save your time and energy on going the wrong way.

If you are someone who is doing digital marketing for the last couple of years without getting favorable results then you can take my story as an inspiration and join the program for the peace of your mind.

The last category is if you are an experienced digital marketer and want to collaborate with like-minded people and want exposure to get placed in some reputed company or simply want to excel in your DM journey then also I urge you to join the launch up webinar before Feb 5, 9 pm.

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Learning digital marketing from the right mentor

The biggest change that brought this internship program into my life.

I began to make my work more serious, as I have a clear vision. I can see my life 5 years down the line. I was the person who is camera shy but after joining the program, my confidence grew and I published several videos on my youtube channel

Don’t take my words for granted you will see many success stories from this program, many interns are already got their placement, and the others earning from this program doing an assignment, writing an enticing sales letter,s and bringing sales. Some have earned more than 5k from one single sale copy and the reward for assignment is separate.

Carrier after completing a digital marketing internship

It is very difficult for me to express all the value that you will get when you join the internship program. Do one thing register for the launch up webinar on February 5 for the second batch, see if this program is for you or not then decide.

What if you don’t have the time and want to do all of your own, you are welcome to do so. But remember my friend digital marketing is the next biog thing and if you master this skill you will not only get pay raise in your carrier but also you will become a brand of your own.

Money and fame are the by-products of a good digital marketer.

Either you do yourself a favor and join the February 5 webinar or continue to do what you are doing until now and regret it for a lifetime.

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