Ideal customer avatar in digital marketing

Class 2 of digital marketing internship under Deepak Kankaraju.

Hello, my fellow dear digital marketer, a very warm welcome from this side. After the successful completion of the first assignment, I am eagerly waiting for the second to begin.

Ideal customer avatar- how many guess today’s topic


Although I have no idea what today’s class is all about and Deepak Kanakraju our loving mentor and a prominent digital marketing expert hasn’t given us any clue about the upcoming class.

As I see in today’s class most of our fellow interns are a bit lazy so Deepak has to wait for at least 10 minutes to get the session going. In between the first 10 minutes, he shared the link to the Facebook group “learn digital marketing” to connect with like-minded people.

Deepak sir asks are excited for the second class of digital marketing internship, to check our interest I guess. He shared the telegram group link and ask us to join through the link as most of the notifications will be shared over there. The obvious reason stated is the Gmail delivery mechanism as the message lands in the promotion tab instead of the inbox and people complain they haven’t received the mail. He also suggested we are not creating a WhatsApp group.

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The class begins

Finally, the guessing is over and Deepak sir announced that today we are going to discuss “Customer Avatar”. As from the last class, we learn to take a moment or two to feel grateful for whatever we have.

Me personally, I am grateful that I made the right choice by joining the internship program although I was unaware of the fact of what value I will get from this internship.

It’s like gold in a barren land because I have been in DM and blogging since 2017 (seekein-health and fitness blog) and following DK from then. Although there are countless things to thank God to name a few wifi connections, laptop, loving family, and supportive friends, and most importantly I am alive to serve at least one of the people in need through the physical, emotional way.

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First-class assignment completion rate?

Deepak sir stated we have a very high assignment completion rate and asked us to guess the number, I was wondering anywhere 70-80 percent and I am glad I am wrong in guessing as 87% is the completion rate which is great isn’t it?

There is positive pressure to complete the assignment and how well he explained through the “Carrot and Stick” example. As per the understanding, the carrot is the reward associated with the assignment which is obviously;y the monetary amount that is announced before joining the internship program (during the webinar) and the distribution of money from the 1st assignment to the 10th last assignment.

Next is the stick which is punishment as we use to get by our teachers when we fail to complete the assignment on time, but here if you fail to complete before the deadline you will not get any money for your work, that’s a wonderful idea by our guru-Deepak Kanakrajhu.

Benefits of SEO

Focus on the class

The masterstroke “distraction is more harmful to the brain than drugs”

Put your phone on flight mode

Learn>Do>Teach method


Golden triangle- when you learn something new the information is a bit fuzzy and it’s all over the place and it is not settled in an organized manner.

When you learn you think to do it on yourself practice and then teach to others and make your learning Better by implementing the golden triangle method.

Most of the participants express the positive pressure allows them to come out of their comfort zone and enable them to write the first-ever blog post and most of them are applauded on the group as well which is a positive impact on your learning to the teaching part.

Types of link referencing

Mistakes Of Future benefits

The value of which is yet to be realized.

English is not a go-to subject for most of us and we are not confident in it but if we continue to implement whatever we learn and share our thought we will gradually improve over a period of time.

Marketing is about good conversation

From the last class take away a good digital marketer is someone who is good at marketing and digital is its by-products marketing is all about how well you convey your message to the target audience.
If you cannot convey well with one to one then you cannot convey with one too many. He asks us when we read my email do we feel a personal touch as if I am talking to you directly and in a friendly manner.

Communicating with a friend well is good but if you are communicating to a large group of people at a time and they are able to resonate with you your then it’s like a superpower.

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How do we communicate better?

Be authentic to communicate better- Deepak kanakaraju

People are naturally attracted to the real people who are authentic in their expression and people simply don’t like the fake people around who we are social personal. Your audience will gaze at you through your communication.

Do read how to be a better public speaker Deepak Kanakraju blog to become a better public speaker.

We have personal from office home social gatherings, and we behave differently on different occasions, right? But you are authentic when you talk to your friend and you don’t hide anything.

Be yourself authentic to become a better digital marketer. Becoming a better communicator is the most important trait of a digital marketer and it will become better with time.

What everyone needs to know about blogging

Who is a better marketer?


Experience matter the most as people with more life experience are better marketers. In order to gain experience, you need to practice more on your writing and communication. Be a solo Traveller, learn a new language, learn music. If you feel lonely go on solo travel if you don’t like speaking in a mass population on a stage show add and speak on a stage.

In short whatever you fear most overcome it by doing it what worse will happen but if you master it and move ahead to conquer your fear you will be a good marketer.

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Who is your audience?

If everyone is your audience then no one is your audience. You are very comfortable when you talk to your friend all the family members because you know him or her well. You just need to carve down in your niche which you have selected from the last class and talk to your regular customer.
Figure out who is your target audience through the customer avatar. A customer avatar is an imaginary Persona of your ideal customer which is different for a different niche.

Lead generation in digital marketing

How to define your target audience

In order to define it, you need to apply the demographic and psychographic method.

Demographics is basically the age location gender and psychographics are all about the interest level that they like what they dislike etc.
Short recap to find your target customer

Always write to one customer at a time. Although you have a big audience everyone is alone when they read your blog post on what your videos.
You can connect personally with them when the communication is 1 to 1 and is direct to them.

This connects them mentally and they resonate with your message. Always keep in mind you are always talking to one single person through content and that single person should feel it as if you are talking to him or her.

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Join the conversation about what people have in their minds.

Suppose your customer has a conversation on how to lose weight through diet then you need to join that conversation instead of starting afresh or new conversation.

Email and direct messages are more powerful than social media.

According to Joseph Sugarman author of adwik copywriting handbook- the job of as a digital marketer is to take your customer on a slippery slide where your customer start from the attention-grabbing headline read the first sentence all the way to the last sentence.

Be crisp and clear with your message.

Deepak way to address the message- address people with the first name, join the conversation in the mind (how to grow digital marketing career), as if you are writing to your friend. People feel comfortable when they meet me for the first time as if they know me through my communication.

Graduation party

After the internship is over we will have a graduation party in Bangalore to receive the certificate and meet Deepak sir directly. The top three students will get Liberty as the flight tickets will be covered by Deepak. It is not necessary though you will get your certificate anyway.
Surveys and polls are best to find your ideal customer.

Focus on the center, not the border

When you discover customers through age, gender, interest, income, problem, challenges, etc.
Customer Avatar survey

Survey result shared with us

In the FB-Learn digital marketing group
1. You are at the age of 25 to 34
2. You are a male
3. Your annual income is less than 5 lakh
4. You are introvert
5. You enjoy traveling
6 you don’t have a car yet
7. You use windows and Android

It’s open for all to comment and participate in the FB group. There are several participants who match with most of the questions ask and sir randomly pick one of the participants Sagar Bolero who is our volunteer tonight.
Sagar is our customer Avatar.
Focus Deepak sir asked to follow the conversation to understand the customer avatar in a better way.
After the conversation between our mentor and Sagar is over Deepak sir ask do you agree if my target customer is Sagar I will be able to connect him personally most of us said yes.
Peter Drucker said the entire purpose of marketing is that you understand your customer so well that the product fits the customer.

Awkwardness is an indicator of learning

When you learn something new out of your comfort zone then it is awkward. In order to learn something new, you first need to unlearn what you have learned.
It is said that it is easy to wake up who is sleeping but it is difficult to wake up who is acting of sleeping.

Customer avatar template


Sunita Rai (fictional name) is a 30-year-old HR head. She is married and has two kids Aryan and Sooraj. She is worried about her kid’s proper nutrition intake.
She spends 6 hours a week reading information post on how to take proper care of child health, and occasionally watch youtube videos to make her child eat healthy food.
She earns 6 lakh per annum and owns a four-wheeler.
Often she is out for work between 10 to 4 pm and baby sitter takes care of her child.
Her greatest complaint is the child has become “obstinate” while eating and eat chocolates and biscuit more than healthy drinks and food.
She spends her weekends with family members and goes out on vacation very often.
A customer avatar is a critical step in defining your target audience, once you discover your target customer your communication is precise to one specific group of people.
This helps to convey the message clearly and the customer feels that you are authentic through communication.

Take away from class 2

1. Focus on one single person
2. Distraction is very harmful
3. Golden triangle rule learn>do>teach
4. Award and punish through (carrot and stick) method
5. Be authentic (real) in your communication
6. Define the target customer through demographic and psychographic
7. Follow the joseph sugarman approach from Adweek copywriting handbook and take your customer on the slippery slide.
8. Focus on the center
9. Awkwardness is a symbol of learning
10. Graduation party and reward for top 3 interns.

Please take a minute or two to fill the survey forms

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