Is Fiverr custom nft art gig good deal

So you saw on Twitter that someone sold an NFT for twice their annual salary, and now you want to do the same thing. Because the best art you’ve ever made was a stick figure that wasn’t very good. You aren’t required to be a chief to make and sell NFTs. While NFTs were meant to help artists make money, the market has grown into an ecosystem where anyone can sell any piece of art they legally own.

Is Fiverr custom nft art gig good

As this ecosystem has grown, the process has become a lot easier. Platforms like OpenSea have made NFTs as easy to get as possible. This is how I went about making and selling an NFT. I’ll show you every step, from getting an art piece at an excellent price to putting the workup for sale on a website.

You, of course, need to think about copyright law when you hire someone to make an NFT for you. If you follow these tips, you won’t have to worry about getting into trouble with the law. Remember that these are our suggestions and should not be used as legal advice. Create sure you do your analysis as well.

Top 3 NFT Art


Step 1: Find or Make Some NFT Art

I’ll tell you the truth. The last time I made good art was when I was in school. Even though I tried to make a fake pop art self-portrait, it was only good. If you’re like me, you’ll want to pay someone else to make your NFT art instead of trying to make something yourself. Of course, I’m not telling you. You can’t create something yourself if you’re in the mood. But the easiest way to get art for your NFT is to hire someone to do it.

The artist will cost you money, but you’re more likely to get an NFT that makes money. Isn’t that going to save you a lot of money and time? To find an artist to work with, I tried some of the best freelancing websites. Fiverr has the most artists who sell NFT art by a long way. As a bonus, prices start at just $5, so you can easily find an artist who fits your needs.

Is fiverr custom nft art gig good

Step-by-step process of hiring a Fiverr NFT artist

Find an artist who fits you

When you go to Fiverr, look for “NFT illustration” when typing it in. You can quickly narrow down this search if you know what kind of picture you want, how much money you have, and how quickly you need your NFT. You can start narrowing down the gigs or artists that fit the style you want.

Whenever you find a job, look at each of the freelancer packages that they offer first. Finding a Fiverr freelancer who can meet your needs might be problematic because they offer three service packages for each gig. You might not get revisions or all the deliverables you need in the lower tiers.

Then have a conversation

Before you hire a freelancer on Fiverr, we always suggest that you contact them first. When you click Contact Seller, you’ll be able to tell the freelancer who you are, and what package you’re interested in, and give them a very detailed description of what you want to be done.

It would be helpful if you also talk about what you want. The dimensions and file format of your NFT art should be included. We used PNG/SVG files and the most significant sizes the artist offered to ensure there were no quality issues when we made our NFTs, so we chose these files.

Once you agree on the details, ask the artist to send you a unique offer. You don’t have to accept the offer, and you can use this to compare the prices of different freelancers you’re looking at. It’s easy to buy from the chat window if you like the deal.

Hire a Freelancer for your project

When you take an offer, the conversation will move to the Orders page on your phone. If you work with more than one NFT freelancer, each order will be on its page. Then, from this page, you can see when your freelancer sends you an update about the project. When a freelancer starts working on a project, you should be able to see how it will look before they start working on the final version.

In our case, this was very helpful. They asked us for our opinion before sending us a deliverable, which meant that we could make changes for free. Be aware that it isn’t allowed to ask for free changes from your Fiverr contractor, and not all contractors show you their progress before submitting a deliverable. Also, not every contractor will show you their progress before submitting work.

Then, when a deliverable is ready, you can either accept it right away or click I’m not prepared to take. If you select the second choice, you can ask for changes or tell the freelancer they haven’t done what you’ve requested. You can keep going through this process until you’re ready to accept the project or, in some cases, the platform can help you.

Could you send us feedback?

As soon as you accept the order, the project will be done, and you’ll be asked to leave two reviews. It asks how happy you are with the work you got from Fiverr. As explained, public star ratings for communication, offering, and buying again or recommending will also be possible.

The freelancer will be requested to rate you as a person to work for at the exact time. People who work on Fiverr will be able to see what you’re like as a customer when they look at your Buyer page. People who worked with you can easily be reached again by going back to your inbox.

All of our Fiverr Commissions

They did an excellent job for us. It’s a beautiful piece of original art, worth the $250 we paid for the job. In addition, Fiverr has many options for less money. We have commissioned a few of them, and you can check them out here if you want to see what they look like. For $15, we hired Karinadewi on Fiverr to make some pixel art for us. We got this lovely art with a few different color options. It doesn’t matter if you have a $15 or $1,500 budget. You can still get beautiful art to mint as NFTs.

Suggestions for Hiring a Fiverr NFT Artist

Make sure you read their bio very well

Take a look at the artist’s profile when you find a gig you like. Check out their other gigs and reviews and their portfolio and response time. If there aren’t any good reviews or they don’t have any, you’ll know to remove them from your shortlist.

Consult the artist before hiring

This tells you whether or not they can perform the vocation isn’t the only thing this means to you. It also gives you an idea of how they’ll communicate with you if you hire them. Please take a look at our Fiverr review to learn more about how the process works in more depth.

Only talk to them on Fiverr

If you make the vendor your phone number, Fiverr will ban your account. It doesn’t matter if you are willing to risk this. Fiverr’s customer security won’t be implemented if you pay for the gig or set up work outside the platform.

Check to see if you have any rights

Fiverr gives you full ownership of your commissioned art as soon as you pay for it. Commercial use rights are needed if you want to sell multiple copies of this art and make merch with that art. This will cover you for one time.

For an extra fee, some artists will sell you this. If you can’t locate this on the gig extras, you’ll need to contact the artist to see if this is something they offer. It’s essential to get it in writing if they give you commercial rights outside of your gig payment.

Conduct your research

Choose a freelancer you like, but don’t choose the first one you like. Spend a few days looking through gigs and making a list of artists you want to work with.

Keep in touch with each other

When you hire freelancers, you should treat them with respect just like you expect them to be professional. If you’re happy with their work, don’t forget to give them a good review.

Is Fiverr NFT art custom pfp gig a good investment

Everyone Can Enjoy NFT Art (Not Just Artists)

NFT ideas are straightforward to come up with. There aren’t many things that stand in the way of making your dream come true, though. With time and money, you can make an NFT that you can sell for a good profit. You can even make a whole collection. You should always do some simple analysis of the NFT market to notice what kind of art, music, or other collectibles are being bought and sold there.

In other words, you could lose money when the work you hired doesn’t sell as well as you had hoped. Getting to know NFTs on social media is an excellent way to get to know them better To get your NFT drops seen, you should use social media. New NFTs can often get lost in the shuffle when they appear on well-known platforms, like OpenSea. You can learn more about how to make money with crypto assets by talking to artists and people who invest in them.

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