Is Fiverr NFT art custom pfp gig good investment

Fiverr brought this to you. Some freelancers can help with any project or team up with anyone. Fiverr has people who can help. As technology improves, so does our need for technology. As NFT and blockchain technology grow, many people look for people who can help them reach their personal or business goals. That’s where Fiverr comes in.

What Is Fiverr?

It’s a website where people can purchase and market high-quality freelance work. Fiverr lets you sell your skills to people worldwide, or you can buy someone else’s services from anywhere. They have over 500 different services, from digital marketing to website design and video editing. They can do anything a business needs.

Fiverr Offers Which NFT Services? Is Fiverr nft art custom pfp gig good

For this reason, Fiverr now has a dedicated section on its site for NFT jobs and services. This is because there has been a lot of demand for NFT-related skills and services.

1. The design of NFT collections

Many people who work in the NFT field are looking for someone who can build their entire NFT collection for them. The people at Fiverr can help you make an NFT project with many different traits and quantities. You can also sell your skills on Fiverr if you know how to make a whole NFT collection for a set price.

2. NFT art

NFT project or brand development: Fiverr will take care of the art and designs you need for your project. An NFT artist, like a graphic designer, can make a lot of different types of NFT art for your project, just like they can. On Fiverr, you can find everything from one-of-a-kind art pieces to a full-blown 10k art project with different rarities.

3. Servers for Discord

Is it likely that you’ve been on at least one Discord Server if you are a member of any NFT group? Many NFT projects require someone to build out their Discord servers with channels, bots, and other valuable tools. These tools are used to run NFT communities and distribute content in an organized way. If you need a trusted person to help set up your Discord for success, you can find them on Fiverr.

4. NFT exchanges and minting sites

If you want to build a whole NFT market, Fiverr has freelancers who can do that for you. They can also make websites, write smart contracts, and write tokens for other types of things. If you need a decentralized application (dApp) or an initial coin offering (ICO), Fiverr has the right people who can do that.

Is fiverr nft art custom pfp gig good

Why Fiverr NFT art is good?

Fiverr makes it easy to buy NFT services transparently. It’s essential to read each gig’s description very carefully to know what services and rights are included in the price. If you want to do something with NFTs, Fiverr is your one-stop-shop. You can use it for any task or skill you have.

If you’re watching for someone to create your entire NFT collection, design some unique art, help manage your discord server, or make your minting website, you’re the person who can do it. If you have the skills, you can do it all. Fiverr has a lot of professional artists and NFT freelancers on its website.

What is an NFT?

They’re called Non-Fungible Tokens, and they’re unique digital assets that represent either digital or real-world things. They’re stored on a blockchain, which is a type of database. This means that they can’t be exchanged for other items, like money or cryptocurrencies.

Think of them as a one-of-a-kind piece of art, like the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Even if there are many copies of the work of art, there will only be one original that da Vinci painstakingly made, which will come with a certificate that proves it is accurate.

NFTs are like traditional artifacts, but they live in the digital world instead of absolute. Each of these is unique and can’t be copied or destroyed. Because ownership and transaction data are stored on the blockchain, anyone can quickly check the authenticity of a piece.

If you are an artist or a creator, selling your art as NFT has a lot of advantages. For one thing, when the NFT art is sold in the future, you can get part of the money.

Another big difference is that instead of relying on a third party or paying auction houses and art galleries to show your piece, you don’t have to do that. With NFT art, you can perform it on your own with rare clicks and keep the costs down. Also, through NFT marketplaces, you can find buyers from all over the world.

Top 3 NFT Art


What you will need to get started

Because NFTs are verified on the blockchain, digital art alone is not enough to make your NFT. Here are the things you’ll need to start:

Pick your blockchain carefully

Blockchains are at the heart of NFTs, as we said before. Because before you join the NFT bandwagon, it’s essential to know what each blockchain offers. Many NFT and Defi projects are on the Ethereum blockchain, which has been the industry leader for a long time. However, because there is a lot of network activity, the gas fees on the blockchain are very high.

Ethereum, on the other hand, has better security features and is more reliable, but it also takes more energy and isn’t very scalable. On the other hand, Polygon is an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution that promises low gas fees, quick transactions, low energy consumption, and more scalability. Another layer-2 solution is Immutable X, which can grow and doesn’t use gas for transactions. Solana is also fast, scalable, and allows for cheaper transactions.

However, its main net is still in beta, and it isn’t as decentralized as Ethereum. Tezos allows for gas-free transactions and is used for music projects. A huge thing to recall is that each blockchain has its token standard, and only specific wallets and NFT marketplaces can work with that standard. Suppose you make your NFT art on a Tezos Blockchain. You can’t sell it on marketplaces that don’t work with Tezos.

Set up a wallet for crypto

A crypto wallet is the first thing you need to start making your NFT art. This is where you will keep your NFTs and other currencies. It’s essential to consider whether the wallet you choose will work with your NFTs and the NFT marketplace where you will trade your NFTs. Crypto/NFT wallets are generally divided into software and hardware wallets.

As a result, hardware wallets are more secure than digital wallets because they store your NFTs offline, making them safer. Many people use MetaMask and other wallets like Trust Wallet, Enjin, and Coinbase to store their coins. If you want to learn more about these wallets, you can check out our detailed guide on crypto wallets to learn more about them.

Purchase cryptocurrency using an exchange

On most NFT markets, you have to pay “gas fees” to make your NFTs like coins. People who mine on the blockchain have to pay these fees to process and check transactions on the network. Because of this, you’ll need to buy some cryptocurrency in exchange to pay for this fee.

However, make sure it works with the blockchain and the market you will use. You may also need a bridge to sell NFTs through Polygon. A bridge is a connection that lets you move money from one blockchain to another. I make a lot of these kinds of mistakes. If you do this, your crypto is gone for good, so don’t do it.

How to make NFT art

It is time to start making your NFTs now that you have everything you need. With all this information, it might seem like making NFTs is a hard job. But it’s not as difficult as you consider. Look at how you can make NFT art.

Is Fiverr custom NFT art gig a good deal

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Creating NFTs as an artist

If you are already an artist, then making NFT art will be a lot easier. But, if you want to make great art, you may need to learn how to use digital art software. It’s good to use Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Krita, and Autodesk Sketchbook to do digital painting. You can also use Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Draw, Affinity Designer, Inkscape, and Gravit Designer if you like to draw in a structured way and make art in the form of a picture.

What about 3D art? A lot of people like 3D NFT art. Make your 3D art with the right apps. Now, Maya is the standard for 3D visual effects software. This isn’t the only software used to make 3D sculptures. Cinema 4D, Blender, and ZBrush are also good.

If you like making pixel and voxel art, you should try PixelArt, Blender, and MagicaVoxel, because they all make these kinds of things. It is better if you are interested in PhotoBashing (combining and blending images and 3D assets to create unique artworks), so Photoshop, Affinity Photo, and the free image processor, Gimp, are better.

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