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Do you know why more than 80 percent of businesses/startups fail during the first year of its commencement?

It’s simply because they lack personal branding in their business.

Look starting a business online and making it successful is different altogether.

Wherein starting a business requires a small amount of money like domains, hosting, content, etc.

But on the other hand, what seems to be a shiny object syndrome from far becomes altogether gloomy and company owners stress a lot to catch up the pace.

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Personal branding needs and requirements

Although if you have a good support/backup team behind you else huge money needs to be invested upfront otherwise you can’t succeed.

The role of a digital marketer has become tougher and tougher over time.

And the time has come that only the fittest and strongest can be in a race else everyone is eliminated by severe pressure of task in hand.

To be honest with you, when I started my digital marketing career in 2017.

I didn’t know what I should do first and what at last, but gradually I learned from my mistakes and jumbled all the pieces together to form a good fortune for me.

When I started I was all alone, I am the sole person responsible for each and every digital marketing task like web development, SEO, content writing, and promotion to social media optimization.

And let me tell you I decided to quit several times because of the task I was managing.

Most new bee digital marketer makes this mistake when they start a blog or website for their business.

They simply choose a broader niche by mistake or by shiny object syndrome that shows the imagination amount of money they can make when they are successful.

It happens seldom unless you have a strong backup team of experts who can manage and do all the digital marketing stuff.

As a result of which they quit within 1 to 3 years max and complain that (earning money online is a scam) people can’t earn money online which is false altogether.

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Keyword difficulty is essential in growing your personal branding

Say one wants to start a health and fitness blog, if he/she chooses a niche like weight loss it’s very difficult to rank.

The simple reason being the competition and keyword difficulty.

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On the other hand, if he/she narrow down the keyword to weight loss for men then most probably he will slowly rank given his content is top class and he has done all the digital marketing task the right way.

Personal branding gives a person authorization in the eyes of Google and his target customer, which can easily come into existence by customer avatar.

We all know digital marketing is like an ocean and in this ocean, if you choose your topic like blogging, SEO it is very difficult for you to rank and show up in search and get ahead of the competition.

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On the other hand, take an expert on the internet like Deepak Kanakraju (a prominent entrepreneur and a digital marketing coach).

He continues to grow in the Indian market because of his personal branding and narrowing his keyword to DM training in India, DM internship, top DM institute in different cities of India.

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3 steps to build your personal brand

  1. Progress
  2. Express
  3.  Invest

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This can be explained from the example although there are 1000’s of lawyers in the city, but why do people choose some handpick when they go on to finalize a lawyer for their case.

Progress in any field marks the person as an authority in any specific topic/field and people can only progress if they continue to work on their weaknesses until they become an authority.

A living example of a person in this era is Amitabh Bachan at the age of 70+ years he keeps pushing every day to compete with his fellow actors and learn to implement new things in his acting.

What happens if he stops on his self-improvement, he will become outdated and people will forget him very easily isn’t it?

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Say you are good at SEO and want to make your name of it and lead your business online to a successful path.

This can’t happen if you just sit in an empty room and talk, you have to come out of your comfort zone and hang out with like-mind people in your niche and express your thought.

This medium can be workshops, seminars, meetups, social media platforms, etc.

Express your thought with a fellow person, exchange the business card, and connect with them and grow your network by this.

Your network is your net worth, remember this simple line.

You will notice that you find more working opportunities and see your business growing.

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What if you stop learning new things regarding your topic say for example SEO.

The principles and tricks that worked a couple of years back don’t work now and you need to update your knowledge and unlearn or stop practicing the task which is outdated now.

Replace it with new learning and implement the work which works now.

The source of learning can be through books, videos, an influencer in the topic.

Remember investment in self-learning is the most important factor in growing as a digital marketer and building a strong personal brand.

So are you ready to implement the three principles/traits in your career as an online business entrepreneur and which one is more valuable in your eyes?

Comment below, thank you.

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