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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization aka seo is the process of optimizing your website according to search engine like Google, Bing, Yandex etc. 

The main objective of optimizing website so that we can get maximum traffic to our blog. 

All though there are varous factor that a SEO expert takes into consideration but two of the most importnt element are High quality content and user friendly website design (fully mobile responsive).

We are robust in making your website ready for the long run that gets you more visitors, more leads, more sales, more conversion.

We start with your competitor research, than move to keyword research and suggest to choose high intentional keyword, 

slowly we move towards setting up all necessary elements for your website like google search console, google analytics. 

After that we check whether your post/post is index able for search engine and also are we blocking robots from accessing our private folder, wp-admin, affiliate, offers etc page. 

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Why Choose Us – SEO Service Company In Bihar

Keyword Research

This the foundation of any website and this step if done wrong will destroy your dream and your website will be mere below average one. You will sooner be lost in the dust if you are not aware about the importance of keyword research. Answer me whats the point in ranking to the 2nd or 3rd page of google when you can easily rank high with proper keyword research. 

With proper keyword research you get easily the page one ranking in google. Ideally 60% of the seo effort must go the keyword research and reaming 40% combining on all other seo task.

There are different phase of your website, some are new, some are old and established, accordingly the keyword research (selection) should be done.

Keyword is a query your potential customer are typing in google and if you are not aware of what your potential customer query how can you think of serving them.

Do this right along with others you are bond to rank high as a result of which many sites will naturally link to you as a reference and this way you earn back links.

On Page Optimization

On page optimization is the first step as you are ready to publish any content, it starts with optimizing your website H1 to H6 tag and when and where to use it. Title tag, description tag, image alt tag, meta tag to using LSI in your content. Internal  & External Linking structure correction, Canonicalization error correction and whole lot more.

Not to forget setting up Google search console and Google analytics is part of the package, this way you can see your data in you google account. Despite doing most of the on page factor right, still you aren’t getting enough click, your bounce rate is high.

Have you wondered why is that so, the reason is plain and simple you haven;t done the internal linking the right way. Most of the time time internal linking is done in the wrong way, which hampers your visitors user experience.

If the page that you are interlinking is not highly relevant to your website visitor, your website dwell time might suffer. 

Apart from inbound and outbound link, click through rate also plays very important role in on page seo. Seo company like us help you get your desired destination.

Off Page Optimization

To rank high in SERP (search engine result page) you need high quality baclinks and we help you in building high quality do follow back links and almost all of the backlinks DA is above 60.

As a leading digital marketing service in purnia (Bihar) we understand the the value of 10 back links from high authority in comparison to 1000 of low authority or creep site.

Our back links includes article submission site, forums, press release, wiki sites, profile links, web directories, blog comments, social bookmarking, image sharing site, video sharing site, ppt site, info graphic site etc.

Your website doesn’t need tons of link to rank high infact you can rank high if all aspects is covered and done right way, keyword research, high quality content (well research content), on page, technical seo.

Seo is a team game where every aspect is linked together, you just can’t do one or two and rank high. You have to combinedly do all the aspects of seo, then you are sure to rank high.

Technical seo

Like on page and off page seo, technical seo is equally important and you just can’t relax by doing the above seo task. Basically technical seo seo don’t need to be scary as the word “technical”.

Technical seo basically falls in between on and off page seo, let me explain. You have set up your website and published high quality content, but whats the use of writing high quality content when your site is not properly indexed. 

May be accidently you have blocked your post with meta robots no index, your website has lots of 404 error, lots of redirects (which google hate).

Some of the important page is blocked for robots, may be your some of your page doesn’t have SSL certificate. Your website has lots of thin content. There are two or more idential page in your site and google finds your site content to be duplicate.

You havent set GSC and GA proprly as a result of which your traffic is dropping. Your website takes more than 6 seconds to load, some or most of the pages are not mobile friendly. 

Well these are some among many issue that needs to be fixed right away. This is where highly skilled seo expert is required who can understand your need and fix all possible issue in your site.

I have 3+ years of experience in seo and i am highly effecient in doing most of the issue that you are facing.

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