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If you are planning to buy web hosting for your website/blog and don’t know which one to choose from.

Hello dear, this post will remove all your fear and ease you to choose the best web hosting. I am writing Siteground reviews here and sharing my experience (although it’s 3 years old) at the time of writing this post.

But the community at large is talking only about web hosting that is most trusted and being consistent over the years in terms of speed, security, price.

Even WordPress recommends Siteground as the No 1 hosting.

Wordpress Recommended Hosting

Siteground Reviews – Trusted Web Hosting By WordPress

You are here because you won’t know about siteground whether it’s a good fit for you or not. Don’t worry after reading this post you will have a clear understanding of what are the pros and cons of siteground. Mind you this is a siteground hosting review and I am writing this post because I have been using siteground after trying lots of other hosting and why I decided to stick with it for long.

Siteground stands among the top-rated hosting company across the globe for its exceptional service to host websites ever since 2004.

The headquarter of siteground is in Sophia, Bulgaria and its office is located in 6 locations and data centers in three continents.

At present the company has more than 500 employees working 24/7 at your service, it also hosts more than 2 million domains on its server.

As siteground data center is located at multiple locations as a result of which you have the freedom to choose the data server in the country where you are getting maximum traffic from.

For any website, hosting plays a key role and even Google mentions the same in its webmaster guidelines published recently.

If your site gets a good loading time than chances higher that you will get more traffic.

As a beginner or many experienced business owners get confused while selecting their web hosting.

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Siteground Hosting Plans And Features

Siteground provides 4 types of hosting packages to choose from

  1. Shared hosting
  2. WordPress hosting
  3. Cloud hosting
  4. Dedicated server

For beginners and small startups shared hosting plan is a perfect match. But as you eventually grow you can easily upgrade your hosting plan. Below are siteground hosting plans and its features

Shared hosting- Shared hosting is the go-to hosting for small startups and bloggers who are just starting out.

It is best suited for low traffic as you are using a shared resource of hosting with many other websites hosted on the same server as yours.

WordPress hosting- It is WordPress optimized version of their shared hosting plan. WordPress comes with siteground in house WordPress optimized version to improve your website overall performance.

Cloud hosting- Cloud hosting is extended or upgrade version of a shared hosting plan. Cloud hosting gives you the resources of multiple servers on a cloud architecture. Don’t get into the technicality of it, just consider it as an upgrade version of shared hosting.

It is best suited for growing startups (who are getting decent traffic), popular bloggers site, and business owners. If you don’t want to compromise in terms of speed and traffic this will be a great deal.

Dedicated server- This is the ultimate or the highest version of siteground hosting. Dedicated servers mean you own a complete server (independently) for your website. Of course, it is the most expensive among all others hosting, but it gives you more power and freedom.

The only downside is you have to manage the server yourself and you are solely responsible for all your activities and if in any case, you are facing any problem you can always talk to siteground support.


Siteground Shared Hosting Plan (Detail)

Siteground shared hosting is best if you are just starting. Although there are three plans to choose from which we will discuss up next.

Startup Plan-

This plan is to host one website on its server. It comprises of 10gb of disk space (SSD storage) which bios fastest and you simply can’t run out of space for your website. You get a monthly website visitors limit of 10k (good for beginners).

You get all the essential features and 1 click WordPress installation, free setup, site migration through plugin or siteground team can do it for you for that you just need to raise a ticket, daily backup of the website, and lots more.

Grow Big-

This is my favorite and most popular shared hosting plan among mid-size bloggers, startups, etc. It lets you host unlimited websites ion its server. You get 20 GB disk space (SSD as mentioned earlier) and suitable for monthly visitors of 25k.

You get all the features as you get in the startup plan, plus a free SSL certificate for each website. And not to forget you can easily improve your site performance in terms of speed. You can find Cloudflare (CDN content delivery network). I will cover that in the latter part of this post keep reading.


Go Geek is best suited for a small or mid-size company, blogs. It can easily handle monthly visitors of 100k on its server with ease. You get smoother experience in terms of speed and the server doesn’t crashes which can be evident with much hosting company liked HostGator and more.

You will get all the features listed in the startups and grow big plan plus one click gets repo creation, WordPress, e-commerce, Joomla staging environment, and more.

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Siteground hosting review – Pros and Cons


Website loading speed and uptime

There are various ways to optimize a WordPress website in terms of speed but if your hosting itself takes more than 1 second to load than how can you expect your website to loads in less than 1 a second time. You are getting what I want to say.

The stats and test done on the uptime and speed of its hosting found that it gets uptime of 99.99% and the loading speed of 663 ms which is amazing, isn’t it? Even Google recommends that your website should load under 3 seconds for higher ranking and better results.

Free CDN and SSL certificate

Security is a primary concern for website owners, search engines, and website visitors. Siteground offers a free SSL certificate for safe and secure browsing and network connection. You can enforce SSL certificate on any of your domains and subdomains.

Next comes to CDN

Cloudflare is a content delivery network that has its server located worldwide. Cloudflare creates a static resource or copy of your website across the globe and when a user requests something it gets the instant result as the result is coming through their nearby region (server).

It reduces server response time and fewer redirects to the hosting server. You can find Cloudflare CDN from the Cpanel of siteground hosting.

Free Custom Email

With siteground you can set your email and make it look more professional instead of Gmail or yahoo mail, you can set something like [email protected][email protected]. You don’t need to pay for this service as siteground offers free email service in your hoasting pack.

Free Site Migration

With sitegeround you can easily migrate your entire website from one hosting to the other by the help of siteground migrator plugin and also your site content remains intact. It is quick and easy and takes less than an hour or two depending on the size of your website data.

SSD Storage And Daily Backup

Siteground provides SSD storage for all your website and it helps in improving your website overall performance and loading time of the website is 30% more than what you get in HDD storage.

It also takes daily backups of your website, sop you are safe and if for any reason you lose all your data from your end, siteground got you covered. You can easily restore your data from its Cpanel.

24/7 Customer Support

The support is top class in site ground, site ground support lets you connect with them either through chat, self-help service (where many web owners have previously faced the issue and asked a question and how they fixed it is mentioned and chances the issue you are facing might be previously asked bt, someone, you can take inspiration from there and easily fix the issue).

If you are not satisfied with any above the 2 you have the option to call the siteground support.

30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Even after going through all the features and for whatever reason you are not satisfied, then you can definitely opt for siteground 30 days no question ask money-back guarantee.

Now you have the option the test their service for one month and if for any reason you find its service note useful to you can get all your refund back.

But before you are opt-in for their refund, you should note some points.

The refund is only for the hosting plan that you purchased.

No refund for the domain your purchase with them

And if you bought any additional service from them even that is applicable for a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Up until now, we discussed only siteground Pros now its time to discuss siteground Cons


No Free Domains And Higher Price

Unlike other hosting like Bluehost, Namecheap they are offering free domain along with hosting plans. But it’s not the case with siteground even after paying way more money than their competitors.

Even if you start with the startup plan with siteground which $6.99 which three times higher than A2hosting and for renewal also its plan is expensive.

Tip: If you have decided to host plan from siteground which I definitely recommend if you are serious about your hosting in terms of speed, security, etc you should choose to Grow Big plan and go for minimum two years the more the better this way you have to pay less upfront.

Limited Monthly Visitors

What if I ask you to give $ 20 extra but still I will limit your number website visitors but you will get fast loading website and highest security, what will you do?

May you will take it because speed is a ranking factor that you can easily save on some expensive plugins like Wp Rocket. For a small blogger who is just starting monthly 10k visitors are still more for them, but what about Grow Big plan that can only handle 25k visitors per month it can be a matter of concern for them they are getting decent traffic.

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Go Geek Plan You Pay More And Get 100k Visitors Per Month Which, In My Opinion, Is Way Less.

But here’s the catch, unlike other hosting at least siteground is honest in expressing its figure in terms of monthly visits.

What I have noticed even after using siteground hosting for a couple of years for Grow Big plan in certain months I easily cross 30k mark but never notice server crash, so I am confident that your server can easily handle 1.5 times visitors for your site at easy.

But don’t get me wrong and buy a cheap plan and expect it can handle 100k visitors per month for your Grow Big plan which has the capacity to handle 25k visitors per month.

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How To Buy Siteground Hosting

Buying hosting from siteground is easy and straight forward but for your convenience, I will guide you on how you can get it.

Before that, if you buy siteground through my affiliate link then I will help you set up the On-page SEO of your website for 20 post/page fully optimize it for higher ranking in Google.

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Mind you the service that you will get free of cost is worth more than 100$ so don’t think another way.

Let’s Get Into How To Buy Siteground Hosting

Step 1- Claim your special deal and activate a 70% discount.

Siteground hosting plan

Step 2- Select the hosting plan

Siteground hosting pack

Before choosing any hosting below remember the discount will be available only for the first time so please go for at least Grow Big plan this way you can host more than one website.

Second, go for at least 2 years upfront the more the better, this way you will end up paying much less. As I have discussed earlier in Cons of its hosting its renewal gets expensive and you have no choice in terms of offer so go for a longer duration.

Online Reputation Management

Step 3- Click on get plan

Step 3 choose domain name

It will take you to a new screen, where you have the option to either choose and buy a domain also, or if you have a domain you can choose I will use my domain (if you have bought your domain from any other registrar) you can enter that here.

Step 4- Provide account payment information

This is the last step and in this step, you have entered your Email ID and password the email and password you will use to log in to your siteground Cpanel so please note it and save it in your diary so that you don’t forget.

Also, provides your address and contact details which is straight forward and your payment details.

Step 5- Select the data center and hosting duration

Step 5 choose plan and pay

This is a very crucial step first choose your data center top the nearest server from your website is getting maximum traffic and if you are starting afresh website choose the data center of the country where you want maximum traffic to come like for India data center will be Singapore.

And I have told you many times in this always go for at least two years or 24 months upfront if you want to save your hard-earned money.

Also, uncheck the additional serviced that you don’t need with siteground hosting.

Step 6- Accept the term and pay

The total amount including taxes will be displayed, just check the terms and condition box and click pay now.

That’s it you are now a part of siteground family


Once your payment is processed you will receive a confirmation mail in your inbox and your subscription will be confirmed.

My View and recommendations for Siteground

If you want a fast secure & website along with lots of other features you can definitely buy it, I can tell you because I am using siteground for the past couple of years.

Earlier I have tried many other hosting but none gave me enough satisfaction like siteground.

Of course, this is my opinion your opinion can be totally different, now the choice is yours.

And let me remind you once again in case you missed if you buy siteground through an affiliate link I will get some commission and you will not pay a single dime extra which gives me the motivation to write an honest and unbiased review like this.

Plus 20 pages/post-on-page SEO service worth 100USD absolutely free, just clear your cookies before buying it.

This way I can easily match your purchase with my data.

Also, feel free to read Resselerclub hosting review here

Do share your thought about it, which hosting do you use and which one you like the most and why.

I would love to hear from you, see you soon. Till then take care.

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Lets See Siteground Pros & Cons In A Nutshell


  • Great Website loading speed and uptime
  • Free CDN and SSL certificate
  • Free Custom Email
  • Free Site Migration
  • SSD Storage And Daily Backup
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee


  • No Free Domains And Higher Price
  • Limited Monthly Visitors
  • Higher renewal charge


If you want a fast secure & website along with lots of other features you can definitely buy it, I can tell you because I am using siteground for the past couple of years. Earlier I have tried many other hosting but none gave me enough satisfaction like siteground.

Of course, this is my opinion your opinion can be totally different, now the choice is yours.

Let Me Remind You Again

Just buy it following the steps below, before buying please clear your cookies and after purchasing it share the screenshot of your purchase with me at [email protected] I will match your record with my mine and you are eligible for an on-page SEO service free for me.

I will share all the details for that when you buy it.

Mind You, You are getting 100$ SEO service free of cost

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