Is Fiverr custom nft art gig good deal

So you saw on Twitter that someone sold an NFT for twice their annual salary, and now you want to do the same thing.

Because the best art you’ve ever made was a stick figure that wasn’t very good. You aren’t required to be a chief to make and sell NFTs.

While NFTs were meant to help artists make money, the market has grown into an ecosystem where anyone can sell any piece of art they legally own.

As this ecosystem has grown, the process has become a lot easier. Platforms like OpenSea have made NFTs as easy to get as possible. This is how I went about making and selling an NFT.

I’ll show you every step, from getting an art piece at an excellent price to putting the workup for sale on a website.

You, of course, need to think about copyright law when you hire someone to make an NFT for you. If you follow these tips, you won’t have to worry about getting into trouble with the law.

Remember that these are our suggestions and should not be used as legal advice. Create sure you do your analysis as well.

Step 1: Find or Make Some NFT Art

I’ll tell you the truth. The last time I made good art was when I was in school. Even though I tried to make a fake pop art self-portrait, it was only good.

When you go to Fiverr, look for “NFT illustration” when typing it in. You can quickly narrow down this search if you know what kind of picture you want.