About me

Hello dear, my name is Shahzadarsi I am a full-time blogger and web developer. I have two blogs up and running one which explains the holistic development, where the primary aim is to bring all the article forward to make the world a healthy place. Where there is no room for disease as health is wealth for every individual. The channel is the result of hard work in the field of health and fitness.

Until 2016 I haven’t thought I will be sharing my experience with the world. The journey began in 2016 when I learned digital marketing from the top institute in Mumbai.

What next in order to excel in the digital marketing field you have to keep on practicing what you have learned and what better place it can be than a personal blog. 


A journey of Shahzad Arsi in digital marketing

In 2017, I started two blogs one in health nice as it is my favorite topic and other on technology simply because I want to keep myself updated with the knowledge.

This website is purely dedicated to whatever I have learned in digital marketing, and I promise I will not hide anything with you guys.

I just need your support to help me motivate.

I want to share all his knowledge and expertise to make a world a better place to live in. I am an MBA post-graduate in the marketing field and always want to write something that suits my desire and willingness to express.

The 2nd blog is all about sharing the latest technology news,  all-new smartphone, and budget phone along with laptops and their specifications will come one by one in a detailed way.

Explore all the possible trending and high demanding products in front of our viewers with an honest review of any gadget like smartphones or laptops. Also, you will see the latest news from the entertainment to change the mood of our viewers and to make you feel comfortable the channel will some funny quotes to share with you.

The platform was formed way back in 2016 but was not able to manage time and want to be satisfied before implementing knowledge to the whole world. It is a one-stop solution for all your health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, hair fall, weight loss, diabetes, to all known and unknown diseases which creates disease in humans and makes the life of the person shorter.

Health is wealth for every individual is the motto of the channel where the survival of fittest will take place with the best possible method like nutrition, healthy lifestyle, treatment of disease in the best possible manner after the proper examination.  Join us and be part of the family for holistic wellness

Guys one small thing if the post shared in this blog brings any change in your life, I urge you please don’t confine the knowledge to yourself and share with others.

Keep growing and help others grow, see you inside.

Tata tata.

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dmshahzadarsi @ gmail.com

House no 136, Dagarwa lodge line Bazar Purina, Bihar 854301